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 Let me start by saying that in your mind subconsciously or not you really believe in Female Supremacy. The thought of a male serving, worshipping, and suffering for the Females pleasure and amusement excites you or you would not be reading this. The fact that you may only want to do this with someone you love has little bearing on that fact. Females are Superior, they know it and males know it.

If I can stress one thing to all Females just starting to train their male. DO NOT FORGET THESE FOUR WORDS. TEASE, AROUSE, DENY, AND PUNISH.  They are extremely important and essential to the simple endeavor of training males to be subservient to you. Be sexy around him. Wear sexy clothes, make it a point to bend over in front of him. When you walk by him in the house or elsewhere brush up against him. It does not take much effort to arouse a male so keep him in that state as often and as long as you can.

If you only want to do this with someone you love you should understand there are many forms of punishment you can use for your pleasure and to control your male. For example. Every time a Female says no to an aroused male she is punishing him and training him to be subservient to her. In most relationships Females deny males sexual release daily. If not, make it a point to.


You tell your male you need some help cleaning the house and he says no. You simply say to him.  If you help me I'll have a surprise for you at the end of the evening.  He will immediately get aroused thinking you will have sex at the end of the night. Now, YOU may or may not allow this happen.  Tell him your too tired, just to take charge and watch him beg and plead with you. This is denial. He has been aroused and denied by YOU. This is your power over him. He is aroused because you have taken control and have not allowed him any release. In this state he will be quite subservient and do anything you tell him to do. Anything! Start to take charge NOW.

If you drop something don't say would please pick that up for me. Say pick that up. He may grumble a bit but he will do it. It's like training a puppy, except I am not sure which one is smarter.

While he is subservient say to him in these exact words. If you rub my feet I will give you permission to worship my pussy. Immediate arousal, but denial for intercourse. This is the beginning of his advanced training to be subservient because he believes if he pleases you (the foot rub) he will be allowed, at your will, to take his rightful place in life.  Kneeling between your legs to pay homage and worship your womanhood with his tongue until you are satisfied. 

While he is kneeling between your legs cup his head in your hands, look directly into his eyes and while stroking his head as you would a puppy's say softly. Sex is for my pleasure only. You will worship me with your tongue when I say and where I say. You exist only for my pleasure.  Your only pleasure from this point  on is knowing that you have pleased me.  If you should receive any pleasure it will be when I say and how I say. If you do not bring me to powerful orgasms you will be punished. With that last sentence slowly lower his face to your pussy so he can smell your sex and worship you. Talk to him softly as his tongue explores your womanhood. Tell him you love him deeply and are proud of him for agreeing his place in your life is that of a pathetic slave and servant to be used by you for your pleasure. 

During this time it is very effective to interrupt his worship for a second time and again hold his head in your hands and say repeat these words after me. I xxxxxxxx (his name) am your devoted slave and servant. I promise to serve you, worship you, and suffer for your pleasure. If need be I will lay down my life for you. With that slowly lower his head again to your pussy and just as his tongue enters you again pull his head away just inches and say, beg for the privilege of licking me.  He will.  Get ready to enjoy the explosion that will come. If it hasn't already. When he repeats these words to you he has succumbed to your Superiority and has handed you the most precious thing he owns.  His life.  Mind, body, and soul are now yours completely. Take them and use them for your pleasure, abuse them, destroy them if you will.  He has given you his promise to allow you to subjugate him to a lifetime of servitude.  He will love you more for all that you order him to do and suffer.  You are now his life, his only purpose for living.  

It is very important here that you do not let him do anything else unless it is with his tongue.  If he attempts anything else, PUNISH HIM.  A simple slap across the face should take care of this infraction immediately.

In this subservient condition he will lick and worship you anywhere you order him to. Pussy, feet, ass, your entire body if you tell him to. His head will be intoxicated by you and he cannot think straight. Take advantage and tell him to lick other parts of your body. Make him worship you.  Have him suck each and every toe and finger you have. He will feel extremely subordinate while on his belly licking and sucking your toes and feet.  Make him realize how low he really is by placing your other foot on the back of his neck.  Tell him it pleases you to watch him grovel at your feet. Give him a glimpse of your pussy when he is down there. After all if he knows licking your feet pleases you maybe you will give him the privilege of licking your pussy again. 

Try this sometime to have a laugh for yourself and see how far he is coming along. Just before he comes home change into a sexy negligee or just a flimsy bathrobe. When he looks at you just say come and point to the floor at your feet and tell him your feet need a massage.  If he lays down to do it be sure to put your other foot on the back of his neck.  If he kneels order him to get on his belly or just flip your other foot up on his shoulder and rub that foot lightly on the side of his face. This reinforces your dominance over him and his subservience to you. 

DO NOT let him up until you are satisfied.  Remember sex is for your pleasure not his so remind him of that. Start to use stronger words like saying it just drives you crazy and makes you wet to watch him pathetically lapping at your feet.  Drive it home. He will not resist. This is truly what he was born for. To worship, serve, and suffer for your pleasure and amusement. 

Incidentally this is a great time to run your fingers in his hair again, look deep into his eyes and tell him again that sex is for your pleasure not his. Let him know sex will only happen when you say it will and not when he thinks it will. Remind him he will not be allowed any release unless you give him permission. Make him very aware that 99% off the sex he will be giving you will be oral sex. Tell him if he sneaks off and cheats on you by jerking off,  he will be SEVERELY PUNISHED. 

If he protest in any way push his head away, point to your pussy and say  in these exact words.  IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE THIS PUSSY AGAIN you will IMMEDIATELY OBEY EVERY ORDER AND COMMAND I GIVE YOU.  By the way he will never protest again. Guaranteed. 

Remember when a male licks a Females pussy he is in reality worshipping her Womanhood and Her Superiority.  That is what is in his mind and probably yours. He is thinking if he gets you off he gets what he wants later.  But no! You will have received your release and he must still wait for your permission to jerk off. Don't give it to him right away. You don't want him to think it's automatic. Play with him, tease him, let him suffer and enjoy his situation. Remember you are his Superior and you are the one with the pussy, that which controls his life, so control it for him. Let him jerk off until he almost cums, then order him to stop.  In this excited state he cannot think, he is subservient and is depending on you to give him direction so see how far you can bend him. In fact if you want to see how powerful you are and how subservient he is at this point. Tell him to get you a glass of wine for you and watch him run like a trained puppy going after your newspaper. When he returns with the wine tell him to kneel in front of you and jerk off.  

Mock him during the process. Tell him you have seen much bigger cocks and ask him if that is all the cum he could muster up.  By the way make sure he gets some on your feet. Verbally chastise him for not asking permission to cum on your feet and make him lick it off.  He will!  He has learned he is going to have to obey you if he wants to worship your pussy again. Make him thank you for allowing him the privilege of licking his cum off your feet. After all anything you give him permission to do is a privilege.

Eating you out is also a privilege.  It is a privilege you grant him for obeying you. Remind him of that. You may on the other hand keep him in a state of arousal by ordering him to only kiss your pussy goodnight. Every night.


You the Superior Female have trained him to obey you and he has learned if he does not do what you want, when you want, he will be punished. By this time you are on your way to owning the perfect male. That's right you own him.  His mind, his body, his soul. He will do whatever you command. Use him for your pleasure.  Increase his domestic chores. Order him to polish your shoes, wash your clothes, do the ironing, give him toilet training.  Order him to give you control of his money, property,  and investments. Set up rules and regulations he must follow.  You want him to do your chores and his chores. Remember he is a male and is expendable. That's why males are the last ones off the sinking ship, fight our wars, and generally die before Females do.  They are willing to give up their life for Females.  Take advantage of this.  Remember, there is no limit as to what he will do for you, and no limit except your imagination what you can do to him.  Like a puppy, if he disobeys. Punish him.



You can take his subjugation as far as you wish.  You may at times have him eat dinner from a bowl on the floor while kneeling at your feet, or throw scraps from you plate on the floor and make him lick them up.  Golden showers may be your choice of giving him his daily fluids.  You may decide to chain him to the leg of your bed and make him sleep on the floor while you sleep in the comfort of your bed.  Breakfast could be a bowl of cereal you have put your foot into and he must lick off your toes.  Order him to kneel in front of you and confess any infractions of your rules.  A face slap for each infraction will instill the authority you have over him.  Face sitting also seems to be a favorite with many Females as they get great pleasure feeling their male struggling for a breath of air and very often obtain an explosive orgasms. Your imagination should be endless.


If you decide to use any kind of severe punishments such as whips, restraints, suffocation, you must use safe words or signs to avoid any permanent injury.




"Images by Sardax with permission. See the full size versions on his"

"The male is the pursuer and the Female the pursued.
Therein lies the Females power and strength over the 
lowly male. Foolish is the Female who does not use 
her Superior power to subjugate the male to a lifetime 
of slavery and servitude for her pleasure."







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